Company Training

We work from movement, music, philosophy and modern management methods. The essence of our work is:
To translate the patterns and principles of movement and music into the patterns and powers of man and organization.

Müller Training & Advice offers tailor made sessions and trainings for people in organizations. Our chalenge is to extract the true sound of man and company.

Qi Gong and Iron Shirt Kung Fu is a unique system of exercises to attain Self-defence, Self-healing and Self-development. In the training you will achieve integration of body, soul and mind in a respectful and relaxed way by means of attentive movements.

Warming-up Qi Gongs: energy in motion

These Qi Gongs are standing up and sitting down physical exercises, that set the energy in motion and render the body healthy, open and flexible.

Advantages and Results:
- the body gets stronger and fitter
- direct diminishing of stress, and a calm, clear head
- improvement of blood and energy circulation
- release of all sorts of blockages arising from emotional and physical stress
- prevent and improve old age complaints and disorders

In order to stimulate circulation, Taoists developed physical and meditative exercises, based on what they saw in processes in nature:
- Nature never wastes
- Nature keeps
- Nature recycles
- Nature transforms.

With Qi Gong, we draw on the same principles, so that pure Chi will start flowing in our system:
- Cleanse, detoxify and release
- Keep and increase
- Recycle and transform.



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