Motto: In the silence of reflection miracles happen every day.

This concerns ten sessions of an hour and a half. We start with an intake, whereby the CV, the course of life and the topics brought up by the client, are discussed. From this, a teaching objective or an essential question is distilled.

In the three sessions to follow, we work with either the teaching objective or the essential question.

During the fifth session, an evaluation takes place and the teaching objective or essential question can be adjusted.
The working experience and the personal view of the client, are the line of approach for the conversations.
It is possible to us artistic exercises. By working with your hands, you can touch on the essence of the topics from a different angle. The unity of head, heart and hands, provides a clearer view on the course of life.
During the coaching process, the whole time, an appeal is made on the self-consciousness, the own responsibility and the focus of attention by the person being coached.

The five steps in the coaching process are:

• Consciousness
• Responsibility
• View of the future
• Reality testing
• Actions

Consciousness – Responsibility – View of the future – Reality testing – Actions

For whom and what? For:
• Finding a balance between work and life
• Reflection on style of working, leadership and personal functioning
• Achieving a better co-operation
• Insight in overworking or threatening burn-out
• Research into talents or qualities
• Acquiring an insight into perspectives
• Accepting the own course of life
• The study of power, silence and happiness

Which principles?

• By looking respectfully at the unicity of every individual, everyone will get the unique mission and vision from which goals can be realized.
• By connecting with your essence, you learn to see who you are, and you can be authentic, thus growing from outward power to inner strength.
• By optimizing your talents (“know yourself”), you achieve well being, economic success and the self-realisation in social life.


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