The three fine arts

Originally I am a teacher and art therapist. In my trainings I use elements of plastic and musical arts, many colours, many sounds.

Plastic Arts:

One hour before the start of class, you can join in with drawing, painting and clay modelling, depending on the theme of the lesson, without extra charge.
The theme of the course “Waking up in your Pelvis” on Tuesday evening is the drawing or painting of the pelvis, our “yoni”, and the modelling of the womb. Further, we draw the bones.

Musical Art:

1. The 6 Healing Sounds from the Healing Tao system are being used to support the entire training. These consist of meridian stretches in sitting or laying position, while chanting the Sounds. The result is aimed at cooling and detoxifying the organs, relax your emotions and find your balance. The vibration of the Sounds corresponds with the ideal state of the 5 vital organs: lungs, kidneys, liver, heart and spleen.
2. In order to open the spine, we work with the turning on of the sacrum pump, and the jade cushion pump (cranio-sacral) and with the pump in-between, around the solar plexus. The ancient yoga sounds, chanted into the spine, assist us in doing so.
3. To balance the emotions, we use the 6 Healing Sounds and also the chanting of the 8 forces of the “Later Heaven” Paqua. This is the next step after Basic I and II, the so-called Fusion of the Elements.

Apart from that, we organize singing/voice days in Amsterdam and singing weeks in the Czech Republic (for information on these, we refer to the Agenda).

Art of Movement:

Tao Yin:
Tao Yin literally means: ‘directing the energy’ and is also referred to as the laying down Chinese Yoga. Tao Yin is thousands of years of age and is considered the basis of Qi Gong and the precursor of all energetic movement art of China.

Qi Gong:
Standing up, sitting or laying down physical exercises, that set the body into motion and render the body health, openness and flexibility.

Iron Shirt Kung Fu:
Standing up exercises that strengthen our internal structure, like tendons, bones, muscles, lymphatic system and blood vessels: ‘bones of iron skin like silk’.
The Iron Shirt Chi Kung Fu is the basis for the later Tai Chi forms, which you can then train from a powerful Chi girdle. The simpler the exercise, the deeper it works on the inside.
Iron Shirt I works at the structure, tendons, membranes, connective tissue, bones.
Iron Shirt II works at tendon exercises.
Iron Shirt III works at the cleansing of the bone marrow.

Tai Chi:
A fixed form of slowly flowing movements performed standing up, that activates the Chi and structure.
For these trainings our guest teachers, amongst others Mattijs Mark van Katwijk en Neska Ong a Kwien are invited on a regular basis and

Sometimes I use dance as closure of a block of lessons (see Calendar).