Tao is the way.
The way to a life of love, joy and happiness

Looking at the history of Taoism, in ancient times, we see a great emphasis on the essential harmony between men and nature.

Wu Chi

Tao is the way
Tao is the way to the Source
Tao is the way to the Source of Life, Wu Chi

Wu Chi, the source of all life, the amorphous that penetrates the whole creation.

Chi is the life-force energy, that circulates through the whole body and flows via certain pathways (called meridians). An obstruction in a meridian causes illness – this is blocked Chi.

Man is a unity in body, soul and mind. Stress can, for example, cause physical complaints. And also, if you do not take proper care of your physical body, mental and psychological complaints can arise.

In order to stimulate circulation, Taoists developed physical and meditative exercises, based on what they saw in processes in nature:
Nature never wastes
Nature keeps
Nature recycles
Nature transforms.

With our Qi Gongs, Tao Yin, Iron Shirt and Sexual Kung Fu, we learn the same principles for our Chi:
- Cleanse, detoxify and release
- Keep and increase
- Recycle and transform
so that pure Chi will flow in our system.

Chi from nature, planets and stars we call Heavenly Chi or Yang force.
Chi from the earth we call Earth Chi or Yin force.

Both forms of Chi we take on in our training.
We draw in Chi from the environment and increase Chi in our central storage place: our Tan tien, the area around the navel.

The Yi force strengthens the whole process. We always work from a warm belly, a smile in the heart and a quiet, focussed mind: Our Heart-Eye-Mind focus.
This brings about an enormous Chi flow!


kuan yin