2. Relaxation and Senses

By doing Qi Gongs and meditation and by turning on the Inner Smile, you will sink into your body automatically and relaxation will develop.

Step 1 in the training is the Release of Tension and Toxin Waste by tapping the skin with bamboo hitters or bags of mung beans.
Step 2 in the training is the Keeping of Energy, by closing the pelvic floor gates and the softening of the senses.
Step 3 is the increasing of Energy, or Chi, by many Qi Gongs, Iron Shirt and meditations.
And….. Always keep Smiling!!!!!

Each lesson we start with a relaxing foot bath with the essential oils that match the season. We work a lot with massages: foot and hand massage, facial and back massages. Once again this season, Thelma Dorsman is prepared to give a free Shiatsu massage before class.




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