3. Thoughts and emotions

Taoist rules of life:
1. Smile to release tension
2. Speak well-considered – this way you will keep your real Chi with you
3. Live in the Here-and-Now: willing to help and forgiving
4. Forget yourself – open your heart – Inner Strength of Mind
5. Control your sexual activity
6. Head cool, feet and navel warm
7. Neck warm, cleanse your Chi, cycle energy
8. Eat and drink moderately
9. Increase Joy – this creates Chi
10. Associate with those who increase your life energy
11. Take care of the sick and less well-off
12. Rest in the afternoons and do not judge

Then you will start to understand that human beings draw all circumstances toward themselves, either consciously or unconsciously.
Reality is a mere reflection, a result, of our conscious or subconscious expectations of life. Start to direct them.

And finally, Zuang Zi, translated by Kristofer Schipper;
Chapter 3:

“My life certainly has boundaries, while, on the other hand, my consciousness is not bound by limits. To follow something that is unlimited, with something that is limited, is without doubt very tiring. Knowing this, and still act from your consciousness, means that you will overexert yourself till the end of your days. As long as you avoid to gain fame by doing well, and at the same time, to be punished by doing wrong, and keep the regulatory meridian as a guideline (the Dumai, or fire channel, that runs from perineum to upper lip), you can protect your health, keep your own nature intact, nourish what is most precious and LIVE the years that are given to you to the end.”



julia tempel

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