4. Radiation:

Co-operation with

It may be clear that radiation increases day by day; it also becomes more and more apparent that this effects our health and vitality.

Therefore it is of great importance that you protect yourself. Many products are on the market. It also helps to rub in Moor/lavender oil by Wala or Weleda, especially for children.

We work by strengthening the Chi fields by using the Golden Egg meditation, establishing the 3 Fires (Belly – Tan tien fire, Heart – Heart fire and Kidneys – Mingmen fire), the Golden Triangle, and strengthen and increase the Chi pressure in your body. For advanced students we work with the formulas of Fusion, that provide extra protection.
The principle remains: increasing your own Chi pressure and glow and the drawing in of the forces of nature around us. Advanced students work with the Chi fields of planets and stars.

Let the lungs become as clear, cool and dry as the dry mountain snow
Let the kidneys become as juicy and cool as a Scottish lake or waterfall
Let the liver become as warm and moist as the bursting green of a wood in spring
Let the heart become as warm and dry as the fire of the setting sun
Let the spleen become as harmonic as the earth, not too warm, not too cold, not too moist and not too dry.

Healthy organs render resistance against radiation!




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