5. Moving and Breathing:

Walk 10.000 steps a day or perform the Shake the Tree Qi Gong.

- Warming up Qi Gongs (energy in motion)
Sitting down, standing up or laying down physical exercises, that set the energy in motion and make the body healthy, open and flexible.

- Iron Shirt Kung Fu:
Standing up exercises that strengthen our internal structure, like tendons, bones, muscles, lymphatic system and blood vessels: ‘bones of Iron, skin like silk’.

- Tao Yin
Tao Yin literally means: ‘directing the energy’ and is also referred to as Chinese laying down yoga. Tao Yin ages back thousands of years and is considered the basis of Qi Gong and the precursor of all energetic movement art in China…

Breathing Qi Gongs are taught in every lessen in abundance.


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