Meditation and movement:
Universal Healing Tao, Qi Gong, Tao Yin, Iron Shirt and Sexual Kung Fu

For whom ?

You wish to feel more grounded? Centred and relaxed? More stable and energetic? Without forcing yourself and with a soft inward focus? By playful exercises that you can do anywhere, all the time: at home, while waiting, walking, standing, sitting, behind your desk, in the car, bus, tram, train or even on your bicycle?

Advantages and Results:
- the body gets stronger and fitter
- direct diminishing of stress, and a calm, clear head
- improvement of blood and energy circulation
- release of all sorts of blockages arising from emotional and physical stress
- prevent and improve old age complaints and disorders




What ?

Universal Healing Tao
Healing Tao is a modern interpretation of an age-old spiritual path: Taoism. This system of healing, balance and wisdom, that originates in China, is surprisingly relevant and applicable in our hectic modern society.

Healing Tao combines traditional Chinese Medicine and Eastern philosophy with contemporary medical research and Western depth psychology. Contemporary brain research and discoveries in quantum physics reveal a lot of the old Taoist secrets.

Healing Tao is an intelligent answer to the search by mankind for healing, relaxation, giving meaning and vitality. It offers an easy-reference and efficient system of self healing for all sorts of complaints, ranging from tiredness, burn-out, RSI, back complaints, headaches, asthma, arthrosis to MS and problems with menstruation and menopause.

Healing Tao is a unique system of exercises (Qi Gong, Tao Yin, Iron Shirt and Sexual Kung Fu) and meditations for self development and self healing.

Healing Tao is a process, that enables you to achieve a harmonic integration of your physical mental, emotional and spiritual life in a relaxed and respectful way.
The Chinese Master Mantak Chia consolidated the abundance of Taoist exercises to a manageable entity, and introduced it in Western society.

5 elements



inner alchemy

Who ?

In 1986, Ilona Botterweg, together with her partner, started the company “Müller Training and Advice”. For over 20 years now, they organize trainings and mental coaching for companies, ministries and universities. In 1992 Ilona was appointed managing director to the retreat resort Humpolec in the South of the Czech Republic, where up to now, every year gatherings are being organized for Dutch individuals and companies.

Ilona considers Taoism as an addition to her skills and profession as teacher, trainer and therapist. She devised and organized congresses on the combination of art, religion and science. Currently, Ilona works in co-operation with Vital4life as a vitality coach, and acts as career coach for several companies.

Tao masters she considers as her teachers are: Mantak Chia, Michael Winn, Juan Li, Reinoud Eleveld, Annette Derksen, Fransje Bannenberg, Inge Maassen, Ka Wah Choy.

Ilona has been practising Tao for 18 years and teaches:
Basic I and II, The Iron Shirt Qi Gong, Breath Qi Gong, Sexual Kung Fu, Meditations, the Wisdom Qi Gong and Fusion for a practice group. She combines her classes with foot-baths, hand/feet and facial massage, drawing and clay modelling before the start of the lessons.






How ?

The exercises during training:

- Warming up Qi Gongs (energy in motion)
Physical exercises, standing up, sitting or laying down, that brings the energy into motion and create a healthy, open and supple body.

- Iron Shirt Kung Fu:
Exercises in standing up position, that strengthen our inner structure, like tendons, bones, muscles, the lymphatic system and blood vessels (bones of steel, skin like silk).

- 6 Healing Sounds:
Meridian stretching and the chanting of sounds, while sitting or laying down. The effect is aimed at cooling and detoxifying your organs, rest one’s emotions and gain balance.

- Inner Smile
Meditations in sitting or laying position, that put you in contact with your body, resulting in deep relaxation and inner peace.

- Micro and Macro cosmic orbit
Meditation, sitting or laying down, that teaches us to feel the energy flow in your back and the front of the body, and to conduct it, so that you can heal yourself and feed yourself with new energy.

- Healing Love:
Learn to transform sexual energy into nourishing power for glands, hormones and brains, thus charging your whole system with new strength.

- Fusion of the Five Elements 1:
Opening of the Pakua, creating Pearl awareness, Calming Cycle.

- Fusion of the Five Elements 2:
5 Neutral Emotional Forces, Creative Cycle, Opening of the Central Channel, Girdle Channel.

- Fusion of the Five Elements 3:
Opening of the Bridge and Regulating Channels, working with the Hot Winds, Energetic Protection.

- Fusion of the Five Elements Advanced:
Introduction Upper and Underworlds, Planets, Power Animals.

- Wisdom Qi Gong:
I-power training for amygdala, limbic system, glial cells and frontal lobes.

- Breath Qi Gong and working with the Fields

- Why do we work with the jade egg?
The jade egg is a natural aid to train your pelvic muscles, learn to keep your energy with you, improve the blood circulation in the female organs and release blocked energy, thus providing a perfect cure for menstrual complaints, menopause problems, frigidity, problems getting pregnant, etc. The jade egg is a piece of jade that is cut and shaped into the form of an egg and provided with a hole lengthwise. Through the hole you can thread some dental floss, so that you can work actively with the egg and you can pull it out of the yoni again. The jade eggs can be bought from Ilona at wholesale price.



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