The way of Internal Alchemy to your natural state of being

The Taoist training is based on 7 initiations in Internal Alchemy Nei Dan Kung.

Step 1: Self healing and self acceptance (Basic I and II)
1. Sealing of the 9 thieves (9 orifices in your body), senses, pelvis floor, psoas exercises
2. Condensing and conserving your life energy (making of a Chi ball)
3. Developing the inner smile and I-force
4. Cleansing of the vital organs with the 6 healing sounds and stretches
5. Set the Inner Cycle into motion
6. Bones of steel and skin like a silk shirt with the Iron Shirt Qi Gongs
7. Preserving and transforming of sexual passion into nourishment for compassion and vitality (sexual Kung Fu).

Step 2: After one year: Fusion of emotional forces:
1. Creating the Stove and developing the Inner Pearl
2. Cleansing and feeding your emotions in accordance with the 5 Elements
3. Creating the Inner Paquas
4. Opening of the front-, middle and back channels and creating girdles
5. Absorbing the magnetic force of the earth and the planets
6. Living with other people in harmony with nature and the universe.

Step 3: Kan & Li I, II, III
There are a total of 7 formulas.
Apart from these, there are the Medical Qi Gongs and the Cosmic Healing, the Healing Love and the Bone marrow Nei Kung, the Tai Chi Chi Kung I, II, III and the Chi Nei Tsjang massages.
Everyone starts with Basic I and II; the way you follow after that, depends on your interests and your teacher. You can either study a certain subject in depth, or attend seminars with several teachers. We refer to our site:

Initiation – Water and Fire

Lesser Kan and Li:
Opening of the Pearl consciousness, take back Father and Mother projections, Family Medicine, Force and Responsibility, start of the Dream training.

Greater Kan and Li and Greatest Kan and Li:
Called ‘Sealing of the Five Senses’. This has to do, among other things, with techniques to open the gates to the ancestors. Healing of the family up to 7 generations back in time will start to play a crucial role and you will start healing the whole of the population around you.

Congress of Heaven and Earth. Reunion of Heaven and Men: Complete your self.